Jonathan+Olivia is now home to an original Banksy piece that has been under wraps for over 15 years.

The impressive 7ft x 2ft stencilled concrete wall is dubbed ‘Bombing Middle England' and depicts pensioners bowling with bombs, recalling the artistic style of Toronto-based illustrator Cinders McLeod and her 1999 drawing ‘Anarchic Granny’.

Original Banksy at Jonathan+Olivia

The piece was created privately by Banksy during his first official exhibition ‘Graffiti, Lies & Deviousness' back in January 2003 in the basement of the original Surface to Air store in Paris. Nic Jones, a former partner and director of the brand, and his wife Jackie O’Brien Jones now wish to return the piece to its original intention of being seen by the public.

Surface to Air Jonathan+Olivia Banksy

 Banksy Surface to Air

Surface to Air Archives

Photos from the Surface to Air archives.

Come see the piece in person at Jonathan+Olivia’s streetwear shop in Art Gallery Row, downstairs from Mountain Sqaure, Whister.