It was back in the early 90's when I purchased my first piece of what was then Joe Casely Hayford from HIP in Leeds. The lads there, Everton and Umberto used to carry the line along with other Acid Jazz inspired lines such as Duffer of Saint George, Mau Mau and others ... great days & still a great shop. Fast forward over 20 years and Casely Hayford is back and we're delighted to be carrying the line at J+O. For those new to this tailored english menswear collection - read on, and check out the online store for what we have at J+O.

Joe Casely-Hayford OBE has a career which reflects the progress of menswear. Early in his career Joe dressed the Clash and U2 whilst simultaneously working on his eponymous brand for men and women – showing on the runways of Paris, Tokyo and London. More recently, taking on the role of Creative Director of Gieves & Hawkes, Joe contributed to the re-positioning of the 200 year Old Savile Row house, known for dressing members of the establishment.


Before studying at Saint Martin’s, Charlie apprenticed in his father’s studio from a young age, learning design, menswear history and technical skills. He began to work in fashion from the age of 21, having styled musicians ranging from the UK’s XX to American hip-hop artist Nas. The brand now has as international following that ranges from musicians Mos Def and Drake to actors Robert Downey Jnr and Michael Fassbender. Sold in exclusive boutiques around the world, the Casely-Hayford House is undeniably forging a new handwriting of modern English style.





All men possess elements of anarchy within their character. Anarchy is not about the total absence of rules, but rather the significance of autonomy. The Casely-Hayford ethos represents a unique expression of freedom created when conformity threatens identity, or convention restricts spontaneity; we fuse this expression of the free spirit with the very particular gestures of English sartorialism. The House aims to distil a multitude of ideas into a simple pure entity – innovation through tradition.